Personal Training

The training involved with boxing is one of the most rewarding sessions you could undertake.

It can be become very enjoyable and it gives you a real sense of achievement when learning and mastering the in’s and out’s of sport like this one. The benefits are great in the sense of well being and vitality.

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When talking of the added fitness gained from the training, if you want to work hard for it, boxing becomes an extremely rewarding form of training that can, by far, exceed all expectations.

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During your personal training journey with us, we’ll cover functional core strengthening exercises to assist with your bodies overall power and strength getting you well on the  way to your personal health & fitness targets.

On your journey you will

  • Build Muscle
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Cardiovascular Efficiency
  • Improve your personal Endurance

Everything equates to you being fitter and stronger, allowing you to have more vitality each day and hep you to complete your day to day tasks all the more efficiently.

Why wouldn’t you want to be fitter, it helps you to be happier :)

Casual PT
per session
Single Personal Training Sessions
P T session 40min (1 on 1)
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PT Training Pack
per session
8 or 10 PT Sessions bought in bulk (2 PT Sessions per week)
Bulk P T sessions 40min (1 on 1)
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